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" At Evergreen Medical Acupuncture we use an anatomy-based acupuncture system and functional medicine to treat almost any condition. We are Colorado's premier acupuncture clinic."

Evergreen Medical Acupuncture has three doctors who have over a decade of experience each and have trained in hospitals all over the world. We excel in preventative medicine and treat a wide variety of conditions, diseases, disorders, and injuries. Our clinic is patient-centered with our time and expertise dedicated to your well-being.  


"I had a painful neck injury due to a muscle spasm. Dr. Fick helped relieve the pain without drugs. She took the time to understand my needs and my past medical history. I would highly recommend her."

-Chris H, August 2020


"Christina has helped me immensely heal from chronic Lyme disease. I am so grateful I found her. She is a true professional and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!!!"

-Gail M, March 2015


"To say Christina knows her stuff is an understatement - very impressive for one so young. I'm a 78 yr old washed up athlete w/ tons of aches & pains to go w/ all my surgeries. I have referred dozens of others to Christina cuz she is a Pro & always knows how to treat me based on any particular ailment at the moment."

-Harley H, July 2019


"Started seeing Dr. Fick following surgery 3 years ago and have continued ever since. To say it makes me feel better is an understatement. Outstanding knowledge, so friendly and understanding ~ can't say enough great things about Dr. Fick and Evergreen Medical Acupuncture!!"

-Cathy O, November 2019


"Dr. Fick has been helping me with some leg problems and it has made an incredible difference very quickly. I highly recommend here for her knowledge and expertise!"

-Chad S June 2017


"I have reduced pain and increased grip strength in my wrists and thumbs. I always fall asleep because I am relaxed during my treatment; the nap is welcomed and later refreshes me! Please note, I really like the electroacupuncture the best!"

-Cathy B, May 2018


"Dr. Christina Fick worked wonders on my chronic lower back pain. I am very pleased with the results. Was skeptical with acupuncture at 1st, but now a firm believer."

-John T, December 2016


"My wife was 3 days past the due date of our second child when she went to Dr. Fick. After her first session, her water broke within 12 hours. Very fine work indeed. She has also been helping my with my insomnia. Highly recommended!"

-Stetson W, September 2019


"For over 40yrs, I have been living with pain and now it is almost gone along with enjoying full mobility. I can't say how much of a revelation this has been to me."

-Tom C August 2020


"Christina's unique flying needle technique will give you painless and pleasurable treatments."

-Kim B, May 2020

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Nutrition without Functional Medicine is a guessing game. We take the guessing out of nutrition with a review of your annual blood test, diet, genetics, and lifestyle to determine what you need or not. This is the future of preventative medicine available now! We have a full prescription-grade herb, vitamin, and supplement pharmacy. All organic made in USA-GMP certified facilities.

"Orvience is our custom supplement company which strives for Functional Medicine (custom) driven nutrition and supplementation." - Dr. Christina Fick 

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